Tl 81 Thallium

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Thallium metal is very similar to lead metal, but is much more reactive, toxic and rarer than this. Therefore thallium metal is used scarcely and only in amounts as small as possible. Poisonings occur by mere skin contact. One application is for special glass. Thallium must be handled with care, using gloves and all the precautions possible, avoiding any contact with skin, mouth and eyes.

Thallium metal wire 99.9% small sample sealed ampoule

High purity Thallium metal element 81 sample of 3-4 mm in sealed ampoule and vial with label. Pure Thallium metal sample for element collection and laboratory. 

thallium wire


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Thallium metal density cube 99.9% argon sealed

High purity Thallium metal cube completely oxide free and sealed under argon. Pure Thallium metal sample for element collection and laboratory. 

Dimensions: 10x10x10mm

Sample weight: between 11 and 12 grams

For collection use only, handle with care, do not touch the cube without protection gloves!

thallium cube engraved argon sealed
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