Elements Density Cubes made by Nova Elements.

Up to 63 Elements of the Periodic Table, machined and forged, to obtain cubes having dimensions 10x10x10mm (1cm^3). This means that each cube represents the theoretical density of the elements itself, showed in any periodic table. Our Elements Density Cubes are not only lovely but also scientifically interesting (you can use these cubes for any science lessons, laboratories, exhibitions and events in museums, schools and universities).

Furthermore after buying one, you'll be so impressed and in love with them, that you'll want them all! 

Actually, due to the known technologies, it's possible to prepare up to 63 elements density cubes, but in future it's probably that we'll be able to produce the others remaining elements cubes.

Nova Elements will introduce soon also an amazing portable acrylic table in which you can finally store each element cube.

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Finally the brand new Nova Elements "Periodic Table of Elements Density Cubes" is available!

We've created a specific table for all the collectibles elements density cubes, excluding the cubes that need argon atmosphere. This portable table is realized with high quality material and comes with an acrylic case (cover). It is perfect to study chemistry, teaching science and the density of the elements, it represents an amazing gift for any science lover.

Buy it now !!!