The Alkali metals represent the 1st group of the Periodic Table and consist of Lithium metal, Sodium metal, Potassium metal, Rubidium metal and Cesium metal. The first 3 alkali metals can be safely stored both under mineral oil or argon. The last 2 alkali metals (Rubidium and Cesium) can be stored only under argon or vacuum condition. The mineral oil prevents but doesn't stops the oxidization of these 3 air-sensitive metals (Lithium, Sodium, Potassium) which over the years inevitably oxidized even if very slowly. The alkali metals sealed under argon, instead, will shiny forever and they will never oxidize, they are protected by argon and they can not react with oxygen of the air. However the production of a shiny sample of Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium and Cesium metal is very expensive, therefore the price between the 2 kind of storage are really different.

Lithium, Sodium, Potassium Metals Set

Alkali Metals set, samples of 1 gram of each metal in beautiful labeled glass vial under high quality transparent mineral oil.

  1. Lithium metal sample 99.95% pure
  2. Sodium metal sample 99.8% pure
  3. Potassium metal sample 99.8% pure

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Li, Na, K set


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Alkali Metals Na K Rb Cs set keychain

Amazing keychain with 4 ampoules of the Alkali Metals Na, K, Rb, Cs in it! This unique element keychain is the perfect gift for any science lover. 


alkali set keychain


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Amazing Alkali Metals set, including 1 of each of the following metals 


  1. Lithium metal sample 99.9% pure 100mg oxide free
  2. Sodium metal sample 99.9% pure 20mg oxide free
  3. Potassium metal sample 99.9% pure 20mg oxide free
  4. Rubidium metal sample 99.9% pure 20mg oxide free
  5. Cesium metal sample 99.9% pure 20mg oxide free


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alkali metals set mini ampoules argon sealed
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Complete Alkali Metals Argon Sealed Set

High Purity Alkali Metals Set in ampoule under argon and labeled glass vial. Alkali metals samples of approximate 1 gram each, except Lithium, which weighs about 0.4-0.5 grams.

Purity for Lithium, Sodium and Potassium is 99.9%

Purity for Cs and Rb is 99.99%

All the samples of this set are very shiny, with no oxide layer surface. These samples will shiny forever. 


Buying the set you save 164$ (refers to buying these separately).  


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alkali metals set approx 1g each
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