The Portable Periodic Table of Elements Density Cubes is realized in Italy with high quality material and it is designed for all the customers which want to safely store, appreciate, study and show the our amazing Elements Density Cubes. The Periodic Table Case can be used and brought everywhere there is a need, many of our customers use this in classrooms to teach chemistry, physics and natural science. It's also an amazing gift for any science lover, chemistry student, professor. It is a nice business card for any laboratory, museums, university's project.

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Elements Density Cube with NovaElements logo (portable Periodic Table acrylic case and cover)

Periodic Table of Elements Density Cubes new version 2.0

New version 2.0: now you can place the table also in vertical position and all the cubes will be showed in vertical position, you can also transport the table in vertical position without any worries about the falling of the cubes! Furthermore the square hole for Sm has been added.

Has been added also a new set including 25 of the most common metals to start the collection!


With this amazing Periodic Table realized for our Elements Density Cubes you can finally collect and shows your elements cubes! 

The table contains the spots for all the cubes that can be collected and don't need of any argon atmosphere, like Calcium, Barium, Cerium etc...

You can purchase it alone or in a set to save money. This acrylic show box is realized with high quality material in Italy, and it is very light and portable.


We realized it with an acrylic case to preserve the cubes from dust, and also for a question of safety, you can store them safely and when you want to touch and take one of more cubes simply slide off the case and the table will stand in the desk with its own silicon support on the back side. 


Dimensions of the table: 22.8 x 10.8 x 1.5 cm (now thinner than before!)


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periodic table density cubes case
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