We are very pleased to show you our latest creation... it is a completely new periodic table of elements poster, that no one could live without! If you love the Elements of the Periodic Table and, especially, you collect them, you can't have this amazing, elegant, sophisticated poster in your wall! 

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We called this amazing Periodic Table Poster "the collector's" because, as you can see, you will find on it only the most important info of every element of the periodic table under the collector's point of view! It means, you will read for example how expensive is the the element sample for the collection, or when it has been discovered, or again if any warning must be payed to handle it etc etc etc!!!

You, as an element's collectors, can't have a periodic table poster like this. It is the perfect gift for any science lover and chemistry student. 

Our Periodic table is revolutionary, made in Italy, and realized with highest quality paper, colors, and an amazing high resolution print! 


For sale is the paper poster only, not the frame


Dimensions: 48x68 cm 

Each chemical group has the same color of our elements labels colors. 


Warning: this periodic table layout has been protected by CC, copyright and a patent is pending on it internationally. Any attempt to copy or imitate that table design will be persecuted by international laws in matter of copyright and patent.

This periodic table layout is an intellectual property of Nova Elements sas. 

the collector's poster only no frame
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