Do our job means also to help our client create, develop, design its own Periodic Table Collection in amazing display! Here are some of the projects we have helped to born and raise until they were completely ultimate.

hanks to Marco Cardin, one of our best Italian customer and friend for this amazing collage of his entire collection! Over the 70% of the showed elements come from Nova Elements! 

Many thanks to Roger from Dortmund to being one of our loyal customers and share with us his unusual and amazing periodic table collection, every elements comes from us. Thank you Roger!

periodic table of elements display in creative way

Thanks to Dylan from Switzerland, to share with us his complete periodic table collection made of our amazing periodic table elements and vials. 

amazing periodic table of elements collection

Many thanks to Mr. Lumiers to share with us his beautiful periodic table elements display, completely realized in wood. His elements collection contains our elements at all, and it is nearly complete.

Many thanks to Mr.Meaney to being our client many time ago, and let us to show his private periodic table of elements collection and his installation, the 70% of his elements comes from Nova Elements!

periodic table of elements display, acrylic periodic table of elements display from private collectors
bismuth metal sample displayed with a bismuth cube, bismuth crystal, bismuth vial, pepto-bismol