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Tellurium metal is chemically similar to selenium. Tellurium is more metallic and somewhat less toxic than this, but its compounds smell even worse. Tellurium metal probably has no biological role and has only very few, special applications. Tellurium metal can form nice crystals and sometimes natively occurs in nature, however it is very rare. Tellurium metal is the element that most easily forms compounds with gold, therefore it sometimes accrues as waste at the extraction of gold.

Tellurium metal crystals 2 grams 99.9999% pure

Ultra Pure Tellurium metal crystalline 2 grams in labeled glass vial 99.9999% pure, tellurium metal for element collection and laboratory use.

tellurium vial


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Tellurium metal big crystal 99.9999% acrylic cube

Ultra pure Tellurium metal BIG SINGLE CRYSTAL casted in acrylic cube. Pure tellurium metal for element collection

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Technologies: diamond cut for a self-standing pose, laser engraved and colored name and symbol


tellurium acrylic cube


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Tellurium metal crystals clusters 99.9999%

High purity and amazing Tellurium metal crystals clusters, 99.999% pure. It is an amazing sample of Tellurium, it looks like a diamond. Sample weights is approximately 50 grams and 30mm wide. Huge Tellurium crystals sample for element collection and display. 


tellurium crystals clusters
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