Rb 37 Rubidium

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Rubidium metal takes its name from the latin word "rubidus" (dark red), because of a red strip in its specter. However Rubidium metal is not red but it's a light, soft and silvery-white material. Rubidium metal in Nature only occurs in compounds. Rubidium compounds are often used in the fireworks to give them a red color. It's also used in the "atomic watch" like its cousin Cs.  Rb is one of the most favorite element for any element collector, you can watch it melts in the ampoule. The sample in picture is a rare sample of Rubidium metal weighs 1.5 grams and 99.99% pure, perfectly sealed under argon. 

Rubidium metal 25 mg ampoule 99.99%

Rubidium metal 25 mg ampoule 99.99% pure, inside a labeled glass vial. Pure Rubidium metal for element collection. 

rubidium 25mg


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Rubidium metal 40 mg ampoule 99.99%

High Purity Rubidium metal ampoule 40 mg sample 99.99% pure, placed inside a labeled glass vial. Pure Rubidium metal for element collection.

rubidium 40mg


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Rubidium ampoules keychain

This is a beautiful keychain with 5 mini ampoules of pure Rubidium metal inside!

It is the perfect gift for any science lover !

rubidium keychain


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Rubidium metal 0.3 grams (300mg) ampoule 99.99%

NEW High Purity Rubidium metal sample of 0.3 grams (300mg) in argon sealed ampoule and the labeled glass vial. Pure Rubidium ampoule for element collection. 



rubidium 300mg oxide free


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Rubidium metal 1 gram ampoule 99.99%

High Purity Rubidium metal element 37 sample of 1 gram 99.99% pure  in argon sealed ampoule and labeled glass vial. Pure Rubidium metal ampoule for element collection. 


rubidium 1g vial


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Rubidium metal ampoule various weights 99.99%

High Purity Rubidium metal element 37 sample various weights in argon sealed ampoule. Pure Rubidium metal element sample. This is a real must have for any element collectors and for laboratory use. Pure Rubidium metal for element collection. 


rubidium ampoule


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