K 19 Potassium

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Potassium metal is an abundant element, which in its pure form is a silvery white, light metal and it is very reactive. Potassium metal reacts very strongly with water, producing hydrogen gas and flames. When dealing with potassium metal, painstaking precaution is inevitable. In compounds, potassium is essential to animals and plants, several natural minerals contain it. Potassium has a natural and radioactive isotope, called 40K (potassium 40), it is a beta emitter, and it has a half life of 1.25 billion years. It is responsible for the largest part of the normal radioactive exposure, and traces were discovered in bananas!

Potassium metal 1 gram 99.8%

High purity Potassium metal pieces of 1 gram 99.8% pure placed in labeled glass vial under mineral oil. The mineral oil prevents but doesn't stop the oxidization of the potassium metal. Pure and Safe Potassium metal for element collection or laboratory.

Potassium 1g vial


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Potassium metal 20mg argon sealed 99.9%

High purity Potassium metal sample of 20 milligrams argon sealed and 99.9% pure placed in labeled glass vial. Pure and Safe Potassium metal for element collection or laboratory.

Potassium 20mg


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Potassium metal 1 gram 99.8% argon sealed oxide free

High purity and oxide free Potassium metal sample 99% pure. Argon sealed sample of 1 gram completely shiny. This sample of potassium metal is absolutely rare and it is a must have for every element collectors. Pure and Safe Potassium metal oxide free sample for element collection, display and laboratory.

Potassium 1g argon


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