P 15 Phosphorus

white phosphorus, red phosphorus, black phosphorus, purple phosphorus for element collection.




Phosphorus is a very common element, which is found in every form of life, notably as the complex molecule adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which supplies the cells with energy. As an element Phosphorus has four different allotropes, white, red, black and purple. The white phosphorus is famous for its extreme toxicity and dangerousness, it spontaneously burns in air. The other allotropes red phosphorus, purple phosphorus and black phosphorus are more or less harmless. Phosphates are a main ingredient of fertilizers and as such are often a big ecological problem for waterbodies. In the right picture is showed a sample of white phosphorus. 

Purple Phosphorus solid 0.1 gram 99.999%

Ultra Pure Purple Phosphorus solid piece of approx. 0.1 gram 99.999% pure in labeled glass vial under mineral oil. Pure purple phosphorus sample for element collection or laboratory use. Pure allotrope of Phosphorus for element display.

purple p 0.1g vial


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Black Phosphorus crystals solid 0.1 gram 99.999%

Ultra Pure and absolutely rare Black Phosphorus crystals sample solid piece of 0.1 gram 99.999% pure.  The sample is sealed in ampoule and placed inside our labeled glass vial.  Pure black phosphorus sample for element collection or laboratory use

black p 0.1g vial


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