Nd 60 Neodymium

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Neodymium metal is a white-silvery material.

Neodymium metal is one of the more abundant lanthanides and it has many different applications. Neodymium metal is often used as colorant for glass ceramic, because its compounds, depending on concentration can make a beautiful blue, green or red color. Another important application of neodymium metal is as active medium in Nd:YAG lasers. Neodymium-iron-boron, know as neodymium magnet is the strongest permanent magnet existing in the world.

Neodymium metal 1 gram 99.9%

High Purity Neodymium metal sample of 1 gram in labeled glass vial under mineral oil. 99.9% pure Neodymium metal for element collection. 

The mineral oil prevents but doesn't stop the oxidization of Neodymium metal.

neodymium vial


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Neodymium metal 1.5 gram 99.9% argon sealed

High Purity Neodymium metal sample of 1.5 grams in argon sealed ampoule. This sample of Nd will shine forever, it is completely oxide free.

Pure Neodymium metal for element collection and display. This sample is placed inside a labeled glass vial of 60mm

neodymium 1.5 grams argon


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Neodymium metal density cube 99.9% 10mm argon

Amazing Neodymium metal standard density cube 10x10x10mm, 99.99% pure. The sample weighs approx. 7 grams (with a tolerance of ± 0.1gram), which is the theoretical density of the Neodymium metal itself. This cube is amazing for any science classrooms, schools, universities and collectors. Pure Neodymium metal cube for element collection.

The sample comes under argon sealed ampoule. 

neodymium density cube


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