It was necessary to have also a most affordable, even if different, portable Periodic Table, and here you finally found an incredible clear and amazing feel mini acrylic Periodic Table filled and casted with 83 real elements, some of them due to safety reasons have been replaced by their respectively compounds or minerals, the result is amazing! 

Wooden Stand for Mini Periodic Table with Led Lightning

This is the wooden stand for all the mini periodic tables available in this page having dimensions 15x14x12 cm! 

This wooden stand has also a led lighting via USB cable. It gives a sort of 3D effect to the pictured mini table, indeed exalts the real elements inside the other mini table!

You can buy alone or with a table, choose from the scroll down menu!

mini periodic table


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Mini Periodic Table with 83 Real Elements

Amazing mini and portable Periodic Table of Elements with 83 real elements cast inside! This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves science and chemistry, it is perfect for students but also for teachers and classrooms! It contains 83 REAL elements of the periodic table, for the ones that are more reactive, we've selected some minerals that contain the respective element, for example we could not add for safety reasons Rb and Cs and we decided to replace it with their most abundant minerals respectively. Regarding the gases, we added real "bubbles" of each gas using a particular foam. 

The must buy periodic table of elements is now available for anyone! 

Dimensions: 15 x 14 x 2 cm 

mini periodic table
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