Mn 25 Manganese

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Manganese metal belongs to the transition group.

Manganese metal easily oxidizes turning brown its surface, and if its react with acid like hydrochloric acid turn blue due to the reaction and the production of the chloride. Manganese metal is a very common material and it is often used in alloys. Manganese metal is an important ingredient in many steels. Manganese metal can be found in nature in large quantities in many minerals. Its probably most famous compound is the strong oxidizing agent potassium permanganate. Every life form needs small amounts of manganese.

Manganese metal electrolytic flakes 99.9% pure 10 grams

High Purity Manganese metal electrolytic flakes 99.9% prue, sample of 10 grams in labeled glass vial. Pure Manganese metal for element collection.

manganese flakes vial


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Manganese metal 5 grams 99.5% pure natural pieces

High Pure Manganese metal shiny natural pieces 99.5% pure, sample of approx. 5 grams in labeled glass vial. Pure Manganese metal for element collection.

manganese pieces vial


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Manganese metal shiny flakes 99.9% acrylic cube

High Pure Manganese metal flakes very shiny and rare, purity 99.9% element 25 of the periodic table casted in acrylic cube.

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm 

Pure Manganese metal for element display.

manganese acrylic cube


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Manganese metal nugget 100 grams 99.5% colored

High Purity Manganese metal chunk 99.5% pure,  about 100 grams sample. Pure and Natural Manganese metal nugget for element collection.

manganese nugget


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