Ir 77 Iridium

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Iridium metal is a very hard, heavy, rare and expensive silvery material and one of the most noble of all metals. Iridium metal hardly reacts, but as a fine powder indium metal is flammable. Iridium metal is used in special alloys and as a catalyst. Crucibles for high temperature applications are made of pure iridium metal. The meteorite, which 65 million years ago played a key role in the extinction of the dinosaurs, contained relatively much iridium metal. This can still be observed in sediment layers from this time.

Iridium metal small crystals 0.1 gram 99.99%

High Purity Iridium Metal small crystals 99.99% pure, the sample weighs 0.1 gram approx. it is placed in labeled glass vial. Pure Iridium metal for element collection and laboratory. 

iridium 0.1g vial


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Iridium metal pellet 99.99% pure

High Purity Iridium Metal sample 99.99% pure, 2 weights: 0.5 grams half pellet or 1 gram single solid pellet in glass vial with colored label. Pure Iridium metal for element collection and laboratory. 


iridium 0.5g vial


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Iridium metal density cube

dimensions: 10x10x10mm

purity: 99.95% min


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Iridium metal powder keychain

Amazing keychain with pure Iridium metal powder inside! Perfectly casted!

This keychain is the perfect gift for any science lover!

iridium keychain


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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

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