Ho 67 Holmium

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Holmium metal belongs to the Lanthanides family.

Holmium metal is, for a lanthanoid, quite resistant against oxidation and only slightly toxic. Holmium metal is the element with the highest magnetic moment in nature, therefore Holmium metal has its main application within high-strength magnets. The color of its oxide is a very pure yellow, which is used to stain special glass.

Holmium metal 1 gram 99.95%

High Purity Holmium metal element, shiny piece/s of 1 gram in beautiful labeled glass vial. Pure Holmium metal sample for element collection and laboratory use.

holmium 1g vial


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Holmium metal 99.95% acrylic cube

Holmium metal element 67 sample casted in acrylic cube. Pure Holmium metal sample for element collection and display use. 

Cube's dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Material: High Quality Polymers

Technology: Laser Engraved Name and Symbol colored (Black); Self-standing cube, the first cube which is realized in way to be placed in the side of any observer, Nova Elements patented

holmium acrylic cube


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