Ga 31 Gallium

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Gallium metal is a soft, silvery-blue material, which is increasingly used in high tech industry. Notable is gallium arsenide, an important semiconductor for special applications. Pure Gallium metal already melts at 29.7°C (86°F). Gallium metal is relatively safe to handle, but eye contact and longer skin contact should be avoided.

Blue LEDs use gallium nitride or indium gallium nitride as semiconductor.

Gallium metal pellets 5 grams 99.995% pure

High Purity Gallium metal melted pellets from 5 to 20 grams in labeled glass vial. 

CoA available. Pure Gallium metal for element collection. Gallium metal for experiments such as Gallium spoon. Gallium is the metal that melts in your hands (use always gloves!)

Please note that in Summer Gallium Metal may arrives partially or totally melt.

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gallium 5g vial


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Gallium metal 99.995% pure

High Purity Gallium metal sample in plastic bottle, CoA available.

Please note that in Summer gallium may arrives melt. Pure Gallium metal for element collection

You can use Gallium to realize some nice experiments, use always the gloves to protect your skin!



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Gallium Tea Spoon Experiment Kit

This is a kit composed by:

  1. spoon mold
  2. 20 grams Gallium 99.995% bottle 

the Gallium in the kit can be reused several time, instructions for the experiment inside the kit. 

The experiment: to prepare a gallium spoon with the mold and to let melt the metal spoon in a cup of hot water (or tea) to surprise your spectators. 

gallium spoon kit


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See the video on how it works!

Gallium metal 1Kg 99.995%

High Purity 99,997% Gallium metal element 31 sample. Pure Gallium for collection. Pure Gallium metal for laboratory use. CoA available. 

Please note that in Summer Season Gallium metal may arrives melt. Gallium metal melts at 29,7°C.

gallium 1kg bottle
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