Gd 64 Gadolinium

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Gadolinium metal has some special applications in high-tech and medicine. Gadolinium metal is the first element that was named after a person, Finnish chemist and geologist Johan Gadolin.

Gadolinium metal 1 gram 99.99% pure

High purity Gadolinium Metal element 64 sample of 1 gram in labeled glass vial. Pure Gadolinium metal for element collection and laboratory use.

gadolinium 1g vial


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Gadolinium metal rod 99.9%

High purity 99.9% Gadolinium metal rod, element 64 Gd sample.

Weight: 12.4 grams

Dimensions: 20x10mm

Pure Gadolinium metal for element collection and display.

gadolinium rod


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Gadolinium metal big chunk 97.43 grams 99.95% pure

High purity Gadolinium metal big chunk 99.95% pure sample of 97.43 grams. Pure Gadolinium metal for element collection or laboratory use. 

Very rare and huge piece of Gadolinium metal. 

Shipped in a plastic bag.

gadolinium big chunk
$129.90 2


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Gadolinium metal acrylic cube 99.99%

High purity Gadolinium metal big solid piece and perfectly shiny,  element 64 sample casted in acrylic cube. Pure Gadolinium metal sample.

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Technologies: Diamond cut for a self-standing pose, laser engraved and colored name and symbol (this sample comes without the atomic number engraved for that reason it comes with a very discounted price)

Pure Gadolinium metal for element display. 

gadolinium acrylic cube


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