Er 68 Erbium

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Erbium metal is a common Lanthanides metal

Erbium metal is used for amplifiers in optical fibers and therefore is very important for the internet and the transcontinental data transfer. Erbium oxide can double the intensity of optical light under certain conditions and so allows the signal to travel long distances without fading. This is a good example of how a neglected and mostly unknown element can certainly become very popular for a single special qualification

Erbium metal 1 gram 99.95% pure

High purity Erbium metal element 68 sample of 1 gram in labeled glass vial. Pure Erbium metal sample for element collection.

erbium 1g vial


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Erbium metal 99.95% acrylic cube

High purity Erbium metal shiny single piece 99.99% casted in acrylic cube. Pure Erbium metal element 68 sample of the periodic table.

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Pure Erbium metal sample for element collection

erbium acrylic cube


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