Cl 17 Chlorine

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Elemental Chlorine corrodes nearly every metal and is toxic for every creature. In nature, Chlorine always occurs in compounds, the most famous of those is sodium chloride, NaCl, which is table salt. Chloride is a vital part of the body. The compound of hydrogen and chlorine, HCl, dissolved in water, gives hydrochloric acid. Chlorine also is part of the very common plastic PVC.

Chlorine/Helium ampoule 30/70%

Safe Chlorine gas element 17 sample in mixture with Helium 70% (Cl 30% He 70%), this mixture prevents damages to the glass ampoule. Safe Chlorine sample for element collection.

This is the only way to get Cl2 sample in safe way and on own collection!

chlorine/helium ampoule


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Chlorine rarefied gas ampoule 99%

Rare Chlorine gas element 17 sample under low pressure atmosphere (rarefied gas ampoule). It means that you can light it up with a high voltage transformer (2kV) or with our tesla lamp and coil for sale here.

Pure Chlorine small sample for element collection and laboratory purposes. 

chlorine rarefied


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Liquid Chlorine ampoule 99% in labeled glass vial

High purity liquid Chlorine element 17 inside quartz ampoule and labeled glass vial. Amazing and rare specimen! Pure liquid Chlorine sample for element collection and laboratory use. 

liquid chlorine


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liquid Chlorine mini ampoule keychain

A beautiful keychain with an awesome mini ampoule of liquid Chlorine cast inside.


chlorine liquid keychain


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