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Calcium metal is a strong silvery-white solid at normal pressure and temperature. Calcium metal reacts with the air very slowly, while it reacts faster with hot water producing pure Hydrogen gas.

Calcium metal is important to have strong and sane bones, but it's more important as Ca2+ in biochemicals rules. Calcium ion regulates the actions of nerves and muscles and it's fundamental for that reason. Calcium is the first alkali-earth metal that must be put under an inert atmosphere or under high quality mineral oil, as we do, to prevent oxidization. In the right picture is showed a very pure sample of Calcium crystals oxide free and argon sealed.

Calcium metal granules 3 grams 99.95% pure

High purity Calcium metal element 20 sample of 3 grams in glass vial under mineral oil. Pure Calcium metal sample for element collection.

calcium vial


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Calcium metal 1 gram argon sealed oxide free 99.9% pure

High purity Calcium metal sample of 1 gram in argon sealed ampoule, completely oxide free. Pure Calcium metal sample for element collection and display.

calcium 1g argon


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