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Beryllium metal belongs to the Alkali-earth metals group, which consists of Beryllium, Magnesium, Calcium, Strontium, Barium and Radium. Beryllium metal is a solid silvery-grey material. Beryllium metal is relatively inert and very light metal. It is nearly transparent for X-rays. Beryllium metal is not often used, as it quite expensive and toxic. However it is an important ingredient in many valuable gemstones, like beryl, aquamarine and emerald. Clear beryl was used for optical lenses in former times.

Beryllium metal 0.5 grams 99.9% pure

High purity Beryllium metal 0.5 grams 99.9% pure sample in professionally labeled glass vial. Pure Beryllium metal sample for element collection and laboratory use.

beryllium 0.5g in vial


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Beryllium metal 0.5 gram 99.9% argon sealed oxide free

High purity Beryllium metal sample of 0.5 gram, 99.9% pure in argon sealed ampoule, absolutely oxide free beryllium sample.

Beryllium metal sample for element collection and laboratory use.

beryllium 1g ampoule


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Beryllium metal "star" in acrylic cube 99.9%

High purity Beryllium metal 99.9% amazing big and shiny sample casted in acrylic cube. Pure Element 4 sample.

Dimensions: 50x50x50mm

Diamond cut and laser colored engraved name and symbol of the elements 

Pure Beryllium acrylic cube for element collection.


beryllium acrylic cube


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