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Neon gas is very rare on earth, but quite abundant in space. Neon gas is about one third lighter than air and is the most noble, inert element. No neon compounds could be produced so far. Neon gas is mainly used for light sources, as it glows in a characteristic reddish-orange light. In the right picture an ionized (rarefied) neon gas ampoule light up with a tesla bulb for sale here.

Neon gas ampoule 99.9% standard pressure

High purity Neon gas ampoule in standard pressure 99.9% pure, sample placed in labeled glass vial. Pure Neon gas ampoule for element collection.

Standard pressure means that this sample of Neon gas can not be lighted up.

neon standard


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Neon gas ampoule low pressure 99.9% (rarefied)

High Purity and ionized Neon gas  ampoule in low pressure atmosphere. This sample of Neon gas can be light up with a simple Tesla Bulb for sale here.

Pure Neon gas ampoule for element collection.

neon low pressure


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  • Ships within 1-3 days1

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